Charleston: One City, One Soul in North Charleston

Charleston: One City, One Soul, is photography to promote inclusion and Unity In Black and White, an exhibit of film photography. Charleston streets are full of people who share more than they know. Love, sorrow, happiness, and desires; in basic terms, we are all the same people who carry the same feelings. Unity and inclusion is what we share, not difference. 
Although we provide the utmost luxury at Ansley Commons, we realize that you need to get out and socialize with those in your surrounding community. This event gives you the chance to do just that! Don’t hesitate to attend today! 

Event Date/Time: 
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 – 10:00 AM 

Event Venue Location: 
Charleston County Public Library 
68 Calhoun Street 
North Charleston, South Carolina 

#NorthCharleston #OneCityOneSoul

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